22 January 2020
The blind cat (inset) has been returned to the SPCA office in Wan Chai on Monday night. Photos:, Apple Daily
The blind cat (inset) has been returned to the SPCA office in Wan Chai on Monday night. Photos:, Apple Daily

Blind kitten returns home after five days of abduction

A blind kitten that was stolen from a bookstore in North Point last Thursday has returned home after media reports of the incident led to the cat being brought to an animal welfare group’s office in Wan Chai, Apple Daily reported on Tuesday.

Miss Chan, owner of Sum Kee Book Store, was speechless when she was reunited with her kitten named Fuk Jai (Lucky Boy).

The cat looked fine physically, except for a few tiny scratches on its nose, believed to have been sustained while living in a new environment. 

Chan, however, noticed that Fuk Jai was a bit more panicky than usual.

Chan received a call from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on Monday night telling her that someone had brought a kitten to the group’s office in Wan Chai.

Upon seeing the cat, Chan confirmed that it was her beloved Fuk Jai.

The mystery over its abduction and eventual recovery still puzzles Chan and friends.

Nonetheless, Chan is thankful to the “cat thief” for being kind enough to return Fuk Jai.

She said she had worried that whoever took the kitten might hesitate to return it because of the publicity the case had generated. But her worries have been swept away with the cat’s return.

According to witnesses, a man, around 30 years old, snatched Fuk Jai from the bookstore around 1 p.m. last Thursday. He could not be identified as he was wearing a hat and a mask at the time.

Chan sought help from media, and promised she would not file charges against the thief as long as Fuk Jai was returned unharmed.

Customers also rejoiced at Fuk Jai’s return, noting that the kitten has been a regular sight at the shop, silently but swiftly navigating the book shelves although it cannot see or dozing in its bed in the corner.

Owner appeals for return of blind kitten taken from bookstore

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