21 September 2019
Real cops found a fake police station in the scammer's home. Photo:
Real cops found a fake police station in the scammer's home. Photo:

Fake police station found in false cop’s home

China has gained a reputation for fake milk powder, fake eggs, fake Rolexes and fake Chanel bags.

So, it was no surprise to find that fake cops in the mainland were making threatening phone calls to Hong Kong residents in an attempt to part them from their money.

However, a certain Inspector Lei of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, takes the fake cake.

With his collection of handcuffs and the siren on his car, Lei looked every bit the Chinese policeman, the Guardian reported.

His wardrobe was filled with the black blazers of a crime-busting cop, and his office contained an armory of stun guns for subduing the outlaws he claimed to hunt.

But Inspector Lei was not what he seemed.

When police raided his home last week – acting on a tip-off from his unhappy girlfriend – they found a fake police station that the fraudster had meticulously put together.

A bust of Mao Zedong and a Chinese flag adorned the conman’s imitation interrogation room.

“With his disguise, he was very deceptive,” local media quoted Tang Hui, the real-life police officer investigating the impersonator, as saying.

Lei reportedly used his alter ego to make money.

For at least two years, he sold falsified Public Security Bureau documents and warrants from his phoney precinct.

Smelling a rat, friends of the fake officer’s girlfriend tried to warn her that her partner was bad news.

“Your boyfriend is not reliable,” one friend told her, the Chutian Metropolis Daily newspaper reported.

“He always flirts with us online and is a total scoundrel.”

But Lei’s acting skills were apparently so convincing that those words of caution fell on deaf ears — until last week, when the woman, named only as Tingting, threatened to leave him.

Enraged, the counterfeit inspector vowed to post online a video of the couple having sex.

She decided to seek out a genuine officer of the law. Lei’s cover was blown.

During a search of his home-cum-interrogation centre, security officials uncovered a cache of forged documents, a GPS tracking device and a miniature surveillance camera, the newspaper said.

They also found a copy of The Story of the Stone, an 18th century Chinese literary classic that opens in a place known as the Land of Illusion.

“Truth becomes fiction when the fiction’s true,” the book’s opening line reads.

“Real becomes not-real where the unreal’s real.”

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