15 July 2019
Dogs misbehave for a reason. Owners should train their pets properly rather than punishing them. Photo: Internet
Dogs misbehave for a reason. Owners should train their pets properly rather than punishing them. Photo: Internet

Startup looks at dogs from their own perspective

Lots of startups aim to make people’s lives better, but this one wants to do the same thing for dogs.

Most of us know dogs and humans are quite different, but too often, owners tend to decide what’s good for dogs from a human standpoint, not from a dog’s perspective.

Liang Ya-hui and Evan Shaw want to change that, so the duo launched a company called LoveFive two years ago.

Liang has been raising dogs for over a decade and Shaw has 15 years of dog training experience.

“My only goal is to benefit dogs by giving them the best,” Shaw wrote on the pet supplies site.

Liang spent years researching what dogs really need. She also drew on her long-time observation of what dogs go through as they age or get sick to refine the products, she told a startup organization in Taiwan.

Take heat reduction clothes for example.

Being furry and with glands confined to their noses and pads, dogs have higher body temperature and they don’t cool down as efficiently.

Too much body heat can inflict serious damage on a dog’s brain, heart, liver and nervous system.

The company therefore designed a series of dog clothes that reduce heat induction and block out 98 percent of ultraviolet rays.

While dogs can be more comfortable and happy, their owners don’t have to waste money on the wrong products.

The company also produces pet beds, cushions and carry bags.

Liang and Shaw’s business goal goes far beyond providing dogs with comfy products. They want to change people’s misconceptions about dogs and the way they unknowingly mistreat their pets.

Some owners are pissed when their dogs simply don’t come back after taking them off the leash. The harder you yell, the faster they run away.

“Find out the reason why they run,” Liang and Shaw advise. Dogs could be scared of passing cars.

“How can dogs understand words like ‘come back’?”

The two remind dog owners that proper training is needed to improve communication with their pets.

Owners need to know more about how to deal with pets — for the benefit of their dogs and their own sake.

The company is offering training sessions and lessons, not just for dogs but also for their owners. Liang is also hosting talks in schools regularly.

Liang wants people to respect dogs as companions that have feelings, emotions and expectations of their own.

From kindergartens to colleges, Liang goes everywhere to preach about how to handle owner-pet relationships and the right attitude for owning or adopting a dog.

Paid or unpaid, she is determined to go everywhere to spread the message.

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Liang Ya-hui wants people to understand their pets better and treat them properly. Photo:

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