14 November 2019
The new series of 100 yuan notes will make use of color-changing ink. Photo: Xinhua
The new series of 100 yuan notes will make use of color-changing ink. Photo: Xinhua

New 100 yuan notes will have better anti-forgery features

Starting Nov. 12, the People’s Bank of China will issue a new series of 100 yuan notes with improved anti-counterfeiting features.

The 100 yuan note is part of the fifth set of bank notes that the PBoC introduced in 1999.

The new series, which was last changed in 2005, is aimed at combating rampant counterfeiting through enhanced anti-forgery technology and printing quality, Headline Daily reported on Tuesday.

China has seen an increasing number of counterfeit renminbi bills, with their quality improving, in recent years.

Last year alone, Chinese authorities seized at least 532 million yuan (US$85.6 million) worth of fake bills, up 25 percent from the previous year, the official Xinhua News Agency reported, citing data from the Ministry of Public Security.

The new bills will still feature a portrait of Mao Zedong, and its look will stay largely the same as the 2005 edition, but there will be changes to the color and design of some graphic elements.

Color-changing ink will be applied to the number “100” at the center of the note so that the color will shift between gold and green when the angle is adjusted, making it more difficult to counterfeit.

Other new features include a serial number to the right of the bill and two security strips.

A veteran money collector and trader said the latest version of 100 yuan notes incorporates some of the world’s latest anti-counterfeiting technologies, adding that the new issuance might also be due to the fact that the serial numbers for the current series are about to be used up.

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