22 July 2019
Patrick Tse (black jacket) lunges at Kenneth Tsang and instead hits Bowie Wu (clockwise from top). Meanwhile Joe Junior sticks a microphone between the antagonists. Photos: TVB
Patrick Tse (black jacket) lunges at Kenneth Tsang and instead hits Bowie Wu (clockwise from top). Meanwhile Joe Junior sticks a microphone between the antagonists. Photos: TVB

What happens when old men mix it up? You decide

It’s not everyday you see a 79-year-old man take a swing at an octogenarian.

But if both are actors in a TVB reality show and the episode plays out on social media, there’s a good chance it’s part of the script. 

At least many doubting netizens think so. They even have a word or two for it — nice try.

But to be honest, the video is entertaining.

It shows Patrick Tse, 79, taking a shot at 80-year-old Kenneth Tsang during an interview for their upcoming Four Amigos Bon Voyage show.

Tse misses but that’s not the end of the story.

Apparently, Tse lost his temper after accusing Tsang of faking illness so he could enjoy the convenience of a wheelchair during the shoot of their journey to Russia. 

The two star in the series with Bowie Wu, 80, and Joe Junior, 68.

During a joint interview on Wednesday, Tse revealed he was “very upset” during and after the journey.

“I was happy to travel with them but someone — you know who he is — was lame,” Tse said.

Addressing Tsang directly, Tse added: “It doesn’t matter if you hurt your leg. We can take care of you. But the problem is, you were in a wheelchair just days after shooting began. I think you did it on purpose.”

In the video, Tse is shown getting up from his seat and throwing a punch at Tsang. He misses and instead hits Wu who is seated between them.

Tsang’s hearing aid and Wu’s eyeglasses are knocked off during the melee but Tse is still raving.

Despite being the youngest in the group and capable of restoring order, Junior is shown frozen in his seat, looking startled.

It’s all too much for netizens who think the whole thing was a stunt by the TV station. 

For example, why did Tse have to wait until Tsang had finished eating a cake before he blew up?

When Tsang took his last bite, was it a signal for Tse to start action?

How was Wu, with his 80-year-old reflexes, able to quickly parry the shot? 

These and other questions will be answered with a few more replays of the YouTube video thanks to Joe Junior, whose only role in the whole saga was to make sure everyone heard every single word that was said.

Which is why he was sticking a microphone between the antagonists the whole time and helping reporters hold their recorders. 

In fact, Junior said he was genuinely mortified and if the mic had been a bomb, he would still be holding it.

Whether or not it was all for show, the incident did have a real beginning.

It happened a few days earlier when the four were dubbing their respective parts.

For some reason, Tse became tongue-tied and Tsang blamed him for holding things up and preventing him from going home early.

“I wanted to punch him right after he said that, but I was working, so I put up with him,” Tse said.

Tse was so incensed he kept swearing at Tsang from the time he left the venue.

That, dear netizens, isn’t in the video, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

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