22 October 2019
The seven-year-old girl could have beaten repeatedly and deprived of sufficient food by her parents. Photo:
The seven-year-old girl could have beaten repeatedly and deprived of sufficient food by her parents. Photo:

Couple detained on suspicion of abusing youngest daughter

Police are investigating whether a seven-year-old girl currently in a vegetative state in a hospital had been abused by her family, Ming Pao Daily reported on Tuesday.

The girl has been staying at Princess Margaret Hospital’s intensive care unit in Kwai Chung for about one and half months after being transferred from Yan Chai Hospital in Tsuen Wan, where the family resides.

Her 50-year-old father and mother, a 40-year-old mainlander, had been detained on suspicion of abusing or neglecting the child.

The mother said her daughter had slipped on the floor while taking a shower and had fallen into a coma.

But hospital staff noted that the girl was abnormally skinny due to severe malnutrition with bedsores and gangrenes on her body.

They suspected that the girl could have been beaten and starved for quite some time.

The girl, although still conscious, is unable to move her body and talk. She can only roll her eyes.

Hospital staff are worried that she might remain in a vegetative state for the rest of her life as she had suffered from cerebral anoxia, a condition in which the brain has been deprived of oxygen, for a long time.

While her parents are under detention, her 15-year-old twin sisters, who were born to a different father, have been granted bail but have to report to the police by early October.

They are all accused of abusing or neglecting a child under care and the three, except the father, were suspected of misleading police officers by saying that the young girl had been punished for being very naughty.

The girl has a six-year-old brother, who, being a boy, appears to be well taken care of by the family, the report said. 

Initial police investigation revealed that the family has been living on the government’s Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme since they moved to Hong Kong from the mainland last November.

The Social Welfare Department said the case has been transferred to its Family and Child Protective Services Unit.

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