21 September 2019
Chan's father breaks down upon seeing his son's body. Photos: Google Map, Metro Daily
Chan's father breaks down upon seeing his son's body. Photos: Google Map, Metro Daily

Secondary school student jumps to his death in Kwun Tong

A secondary school student, known to his classmates as intelligent and helpful, plunged to his death from his home in Kwun Tong early on Thursday, Ming Pao Daily reported on Friday.

Parents of the 11-year-old boy surnamed Chan were shocked when police officers knocked on their door around 5 a.m. Thursday to report the news.

Chan finished primary school at St. John The Baptist Catholic Primary School in Kowloon Bay before transferring to St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School in Kwun Tong as a secondary one student in the current academic year. 

He was a member of the primary school’s football team, which has won numerous awards, and was good in mathematics, according to his uncle.

Chan did not show any signs of anxiety or depression, and his family thought he was adapting well to his new school.

However, two of his schoolmates said they noticed that Chan was often melancholic in recent days.

He was seen just sitting quietly at a corner during a birthday party in the classroom on Wednesday.

He also failed to show up at a recent trial for the recruitment of the school football team.

Secondary one students had to hand in summer holiday assignments for the Chinese, English and Mathematics subjects in the new school term.

However, Chan did not submit his English assignment and was given until Thursday to meet the requirement.

Classmates said Chan was a rather shy but very helpful person. He always offered to help out when classmates ran into difficulty in mathematics.

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