17 June 2019
Spot the difference: Do you see one or two of Princess Elsa? Photos: Baidu
Spot the difference: Do you see one or two of Princess Elsa? Photos: Baidu

Netizens freeze out Chinese clone of Disney blockbuster

The cast resembles that of the original and the theme song is strikingly familiar, but that’s where the similarities end.

Still, that did not stop the makers of Enchanted Mirror Romance, a Chinese animation which premiered in the mainland this month, from cashing in on the 2013 Disney blockbuster Frozen.

Netizens were quick to point out the obvious.

They said the main character in the Chinese movie is “90 percent Princess Elsa”, the main protagonist in the US film, and there’s also a prince and a hunter — with a witch thrown in.     

The theme song is a tweaked version of the Disney hit Let It Go.

But how serious is the production?

Well, not quite.

If you look at the trailer, the characters are pixelated, like those of the characters in the first-generation Playstation games, according to netizens.

That’s no longer the case in today’s highly  advanced computer graphics technology.

The movie’s distributor is promising a 3D version soon, but viewers are not holding their breath.

Netizens said they could already smell rubbish just watching the trailer.

That said, the movie seems to be holding its own against the bad reviews.

It has made 15.5 million yuan (US$2.43 million) at the box office since its Sept 3 debut.

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