21 September 2018
Last week's bloody attack in Jordan may have harmed the image of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Photo: YouTube
Last week's bloody attack in Jordan may have harmed the image of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Photo: YouTube

How ethnic minorities can earn respect in Hong Kong

If Hong Kong’s ethnic minorities want respect, they must learn how to earn it.

Whenever serious incidents occur in a society, it is normal for people to react accordingly, but after a while, people tend to move on.

Many small things happen in a big city like Hong Kong, and people will move on.

However, some incidents are not only uncommon and unexpected but also quite serious and alarming, and people have every right to be shocked by them.

The attack with choppers at the MTR’s Jordan Station last week was one of these incidents.

People reacted angrily, and rightly so, as such a cowardly and savage act has no place in a civilized and lawful city like Hong Kong.

We must always condemn such violence in our society.

Having said that, one thing still bugs me at the back of my mind.

I wonder, if that particular attack was perpetrated by locals, would it have resulted in the same extent of coverage by the media, uproar in society and outcry by the people?

Come on Hong Kong, chopping incidents are nothing new to our triad-infiltrated society, and it shouldn’t be as shocking as it sounded.

The main reason why it was caused such a loud reaction was only because it happened to be committed by a group of minority people.

Belonging to a minority group comes with special baggage, meaning certain disadvantages.

You have to be a member of one and experienced it before you can understand it, and I myself know how harsh life can sometimes be for new immigrants.

Don’t have any illusions: the locals always see you as an outsider and think you are here to take something away from them – hence the resentment and animosity.

Being a new immigrant means you are dirty, poor and uncouth.

You are of an inferior breed and will be treated that way – no doubt about that.

It is also the reason why most ugly, odd and lowly jobs are performed by new immigrants.

The disciplined services, such as police, customs and immigration, always target you when looking for illegal activities.

Don’t forget they have a quota to fill, and ethnic minorities are always the first target and victim.

Ethnic minorities have always been the most neglected, discriminated against and disadvantaged people in any society.

It is not only in Hong Kong but also in any society around the globe, and the plight of those long-suffering groups mostly falls on deaf ears.

Although these problems mostly arise from our lack of social understanding, utter ignorance and stereotypical perceptions of new immigrants, the local society is not entirely at fault.

The new immigrants must also take a fair share of the blame, for aggravating the problems.

New immigrants can easily upgrade their living standards by planning well in advance.

Choose a job that not only gives you the opportunity to learn but also improves your skills for the long term.

Invest in your children’s future.

Avoid troublesome places where vice festers.

Upgrade your knowledge, priorities and living.

Choose the right friends as well as neighbors.

And always be prepared to learn new and useful things in life.

Be positive.

Eat healthily and live a disciplined life.

Look below not above in adversity.

And as there is no shortcut in life, work really hard.

Recessions only affect the poor.

Discrimination, injustice, exploitation and harassment also apply only to the poor.

If you can lift yourself out from among the poor and destitute, you can surely have a nice, comfortable and dignified life of your own.

Then, being a member of an ethnic minority doesn’t matter as much.

If you don’t believe it, I can show you proof: I myself am testament to that.

If you want respect, you must learn how to earn it, and it is much easier than you think.

Therefore, stop complaining, start upgrading yourself right now, and you will be just fine.

Police launch manhunt after bloody attack at MTR Jordan station (Sept. 22, 2015)

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