22 February 2019
The ad, purportedly from a billionaire, that was posted on a lamppost. Photo: Facebook
The ad, purportedly from a billionaire, that was posted on a lamppost. Photo: Facebook

Billionaire’s ad seeking son-in-law too good to be true

A picture of an ad for a prospective son-in-law went viral on Facebook recently.

The ad was printed on a bill put up on a lamppost.

Signed by a Mr. Lam, it said: “I am a billionaire and have no sons to inherit my wealth.

“I am looking for a son-in-law so he can take over my assets with my daughter.”

The ad, which included a residential address and phone number, attracted a huge response from would-be sons-in-law.

But the whole thing turned out to be too good to be true, Apple Daily reported Tuesday.

When reporters called the number, a woman identifying herself as Mrs. Lam confirmed that she does have a daughter.

But she said the ad was a prank, probably by a female neighbor.

Mrs. Lam said she had received more than a thousand calls from suitors seeking her daughter’s hand, causing disturbance to her and her family.

She said the neighbor has been a constant source of nuisance since the family started renovating their home in To Kwa Wan in late August.

Mrs. Lam said the neighbor filed complaints to the police, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, the Buildings Department and other government departments, accusing the Lams of setting off explosions at home, littering and a host of other misdeeds.

The neighbor once forced her way into the home and took pictures, Mrs. Lam said.

She said the renovation workers reported the intrusion to the police.

Mrs. Lam said she and her family are living in another flat for the time being.

She said she had called the police and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) for help, but both refused to investigate, as there was no evidence to show who posted the bill.

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