22 October 2018
Burglars broke into the house of Chui Wai-kwan at La Hacienda on The Peak. Photos: HKEJ, Google Map
Burglars broke into the house of Chui Wai-kwan at La Hacienda on The Peak. Photos: HKEJ, Google Map

Former co-owner of billionaires’ canteen injured by burglars

A former co-owner of Hong Kong’s “billionaires’ canteen” was injured in a brawl with two masked men who pulled off the second burglary in two days on The Peak.

The duo broke into a luxury home Monday in La Hacienda estate on Mount Kellett Road and made off with HK$20,000 in cash and a HK$100,000 watch, Apple Daily reported Tuesday.

The owner of the house, Chui Wai-kwan, 67, was injured in his arm and leg after a tussle with the burglars, who hit him with a spanner.

Chui went to Matilda International Hospital for treatment after alerting security guards.

The burglars were spotted as they descended from the second floor to the first and ran into a domestic helper on the stairs.

The maid yelled for help, and Chui, who was reading in a room on the first floor, confronted the men.

Police believe the burglars entered the house via a concrete channel on Peel Rise.

Chui used to own the Chinese restaurant Fook Lam Moon in Wanchai with an elder brother, but the pair parted ways in 2012 after a long-running legal dispute.

The younger Chui learned to cook at the age of 14 from his father, Chui Fook-chuen, who was a house chef for renowned Peak resident Sir Robert Hotung and his family and later founded Fook Lam Moon.

The restaurant comes by its nickname honestly. Several billionaires dine there frequently, at least one landowner coming from as far as the northern New Territories.

One developer and his family take dim sum at Fook Lam Moon every weekend.

On Sunday, burglars got away with watches and jewelry worth a total of HK$2.45 million from the home on The Peak of HSBC Asia-Pacific chief executive Peter Wong Tung-shun.

A suspect in that case from the mainland was arrested Monday.

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