17 October 2018
Is it just the magic of makeup? Angelababy seeks proof in a Beijing hospital that she has never undergone plastic surgery. Photos: Facebook,
Is it just the magic of makeup? Angelababy seeks proof in a Beijing hospital that she has never undergone plastic surgery. Photos: Facebook,

Will hospital tests prove Angelababy never had plastic surgery?

She has an unusual name, and now she is trying to prove an unusual case in a mainland court.

Top Chinese model and actress Angelababy was at the Plastic Surgery Hospital in Beijing on Thursday morning.

She wanted the dean of the hospital to certify, once and for all, that she has not undergone any facial surgery.

The tests he performed, in front of a notary and media, included inspections of her forehead, eyelids, lips, cheek, Albinus muscle (a muscle at the corner of the mouth involved in smiling), nose bridge, eyes and ears, Apple Daily reported online.

The 26-year-old “Hong Kong goddess” visited the court-designated hospital after saying Wednesday she is willing to provide proof in a landmark civil case about her image rights that she has never had facial surgery, according to the Mirror, a legal daily in Beijing.

Angelababy, whose real name is Angela Yeung Wing (“Baby” was her childhood nickname when she grew up in Hong Kong), was deeply distressed by constant allegations in the media that she had undergone facial surgery to improve her appearance.

In May, she won a case in Beijing No. 3 Intermediate People’s Court against Rayli Magazine, which ran an online article about how Angelababy underwent unsuccessful plastic surgery in March 2012, quoting netizens’ comments about how unnatural her cheeks looked.

But the fashion magazine appealed, and a court is now hearing the appeal.

In the first trial, Angelababy sought half a million yuan (US$78,800) in compensation and an apology.

Her lawyer said in October last year she was willing to prove to the court and other officials by being tested in any appointed hospital that she had never undergone any facial surgery apart from the fitting of dental braces.

Until Thursday, Angelababy, who married mainland actor Huang Xiaoming in Shanghai Oct. 8, had not done so.

On Wednesday, the actress, whose father is half-Chinese and half-German and whose mother is Chinese, told the media she was ready to be subjected to tests in any triple-A-rated public hospital and welcomed observers from the court and media.

She said she would also be seeking advice from top mainland actress Fan Bingbing, who has also been bothered by rumors of plastic surgery.

Netizens will have a lot to say about this saga, especially now the medical evidence of Hong Kong’s million-dollar Baby will be brought to court.

Most people take entertainment news with a grain of salt, and it is hardly uncommon for a woman with a pretty face to be suspected by less-well-endowed members of the same sex of benefiting from plastic surgery.

However, in general, mainland medical records do not enjoy as much credibility as those in Hong Kong.

A supplementary medical test in Hong Kong could be more conclusive in proving her case.

A trial in a Hong Kong court could also be regarded as serving better to clear her name.

Nevertheless, after all the tests and court cases, there will always remain the skeptics and/or envious women who will ask: who is Angelababy’s super-skilled, secret surgeon?

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A specialist in plastic surgery gives Angelababy’s face a thorough examination. Photos:

A photo of Angelababy (right) taken when she entered the modelling business as a teenager is Exhibit 1 for those who believe her face is not the same as the one God gave her. Photo: Facebook, internet

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