23 October 2018
China's newly-rich have drawn much criticism for their excesses, which include pampering their children too much. Photo:
China's newly-rich have drawn much criticism for their excesses, which include pampering their children too much. Photo:

How Chinese ‘tuhao’ dote on their children

While extremely rich parents can give their children things that normal salary-earning citizens can’t, some Chinese “tuhao” are takings things to a much higher level.

In the latest case of the excesses of the mainland’s nouveau riche, the parents of a young girl in Wuhan had a temporary kitchen set up near their daughter’s cram school so that the girl could be fed her favorite dishes during her lunch break, according to reports. 

Authorities were taken aback as they saw a woman, apparently a domestic helper, cooking beside a parked Mercedes-Benz vehicle outside the school premises.

Besides a cooking range, there was also an electromagnetic oven laid out on a nearby table along with several bowls and seasonings.

When questioned, the maid said she was preparing a meal for her master’s child.

A policeman tried to chase her away but the woman was persistent in finishing her cooking.

She apparently succeeded in her mission as some pictures posted online later showed her young mistress having a relaxed time in the luxury vehicle which was equipped with a TV and a bed.

The person who uploaded the photos to social media commented that the incident shows how the rich are far removed from the realities confronting ordinary citizens in China, Apple Daily reported.

Other netizens said the story is a telling reminder of the mindset of “tuhao”, which refers to people who have a lot of money but no culture or good taste.

Meanwhile, media have also cited other cases of the excesses of the nation’s newly-rich, including an incident took place recently in Wenzhou in the eastern Zhejiang province.

In that case, a kindergarten girl is said to have given everyone in her class as many as six presents per person when she celebrated her birthday. Apart from giving the presents, the tiny tot also cut a three-layer cake to mark her special occasion.

In another story, the parents of a six-year-old boy spent 50,000 yuan (US$7,870) on a banquet to celebrate the kid’s birthday.

During the banquet which was thrown at a luxury restaurant in Wuhan, the boy’s classmates were given a chance to win iPads and branded bags through a lucky draw.

A Hong Kong clinical psychologist criticized such excesses by rich parents.

He told Apple Daily that spoiling children with too many material comforts could prove harmful to the kids as it could affect the kids’ self-improvement.

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