16 June 2019
Pieces of sponge (inset) were found in water tanks at Healthy Village. Photos: Wikipedia, Apple Daily
Pieces of sponge (inset) were found in water tanks at Healthy Village. Photos: Wikipedia, Apple Daily

Sponges found in tank at Healthy Village, water supply suspended

Healthy Village, a public housing estate in North Point, suspended its water supply after sponge-like materials were found in the fresh water tanks Saturday.

Water supply was later resumed after the tanks were cleaned, but the Hong Kong Housing Society urged residents not to drink the water pending the results of tests, Apple Daily reported Tuesday.

The HKHS, which built the estate, said it suspected the sponge-like materials came from the Water Services Department and that emergency water wagons have been arranged for the residents affected.

Chik Tak-ming, a technical supervisor at Hong Kong Water Works Professionals Association Ltd., said the materials could be debris from the sponge heads of cleaning tools that came off when cleaners applied them to sharp edges on improperly made piping.

The WSD obtained water samples Monday for examination from the estate, where about 1,000 households live.

Eastern District councilor Cheng Chi-ming said hundreds of pieces of sponge-like materials were found blocking the water tanks of two of the buildings at Healthy Village on Saturday night.

A resident surnamed Lai said she suspected that the poor water quality might have been the cause of the gastroenteritis that she has suffered frequently since moving in about a year ago.

Now her confidence in the building’s water supply is gone, she said.

HKHS distributed a bottle of water to each person in every household Monday, but many residents were seen queuing up for water from water wagons and fire hydrants on the street Monday night.

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