18 October 2019
Thomas Tam (left) organized a neighborhood workout group. Photos: Sky Post, Facebook
Thomas Tam (left) organized a neighborhood workout group. Photos: Sky Post, Facebook

Free workout lessons bring neighbors together

Parallel traders in North District have left many inconvenienced residents frustrated and simmering with anger.

Hoping to inject positive energy into the community, a young man recently started offering free workout classes for his neighbors, Sky Post reported Friday.

Thomas Tam King-ho, is a member of the post-80s generation with a full-time clerical job.

He is also a part-time swimming trainer and loves exercising.

However, he sometimes felt lonely when working out alone.

The idea popped up in his mind one day that he could teach others the correct way to do exercises.

He set up a Facebook fan page called Sportsland to invite netizens who love Sheung Shui and Fanling to exercise together.

Tam offered to teach them how to work out, for free.

“It’s expensive to learn from a personal trainer,” Tam said.

“It’s not something that everyone can afford.”

However, anyone can exercise easily, he said.

All that is needed is two water bottles. 

Tam did have a hard time at the beginning, when netizens asked him whether he was offering the free classes as part of a commercial promotion, but he didn’t give up.

He now organizes two activities each week, in which more than 20 people take part.

Participants, at first strangers to one another, are getting closer because of the shared activities.

“We would go out together for lunch and barbecues. When some parents are not able to take care of their kids, other mothers in the group are willing to help,” Tam said.

Elaine, the mother of a seven-year-old girl, is a die-hard fan of the group.

She loves to work out with the other members, as they support one another when exercising.

Elaine said she could feel the relationships between neighbors improving.

“It’s really rare nowadays for a young man to be willing to contribute to the community without any monetary reward,” she said.

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