25 June 2019
Some school students in Hong Kong took an unusual route to offer an apology to their teacher. Photos: Internet, Apple Daily
Some school students in Hong Kong took an unusual route to offer an apology to their teacher. Photos: Internet, Apple Daily

School students’ unusual apology to teacher causes online stir

A video clip that shows a group of middle school students bowing and kneeling and pleading for forgiveness from their teacher has become a hot topic on social media.

In the 20-second video, seven students — six boys and one girl — can be seen down on their knees and crying out in unison: “Sorry, Miss Yuen… we committed a mistake, could you please forgive us?”  

According to Apple Daily, the students were from the Semple Memorial Secondary School of Church of Foursquare Gospel (SMSS), which is located in Tuen Mun.

While netizens could only speculate on reasons behind the video, some people said that it appears to be a case of mistreatment of the students by their teacher.

And, there were calls that the school should investigate the matter.

When a reporter contacted the school, it however became clear that the teacher didn’t have anything with the students’ video apology.

A vice principal was quoted as saying that the students had acted on their own as they wanted to convey their remorse for bad behavior at school.

The vice principal, a person surnamed Tang, explained that the female teacher involved had found that some students had copied others’ homework.

She chided the students and urged them to focus more on their studies, especially since exams were approaching.

The teacher also told her wards to stop playing computer games and concentrate on reviewing their course lessons.

But the students ignored her advice and continued to play internet games, prompting the teacher to get exasperated and even break into tears in the classroom.

It was then that the students felt that they had to offer an apology for their act of disobedience.

Rather than take the usual route, the seven students decided to make a video to convey their remorse and apologize to the teacher.

They filmed themselves and uploaded the clip to their teacher’s Facebook page.

Vice Principal Tang said the teacher had already forgiven the students, and that the students should not have resorted to the unusual act.

The students have been warned that the method they chose to tender their apology was inappropriate.

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