20 September 2019
Wu Siu-hong celebrates his latest victory in the Qubica AMF Bowling World Cup tournament. Photos: Facebook,
Wu Siu-hong celebrates his latest victory in the Qubica AMF Bowling World Cup tournament. Photos: Facebook,

Cancer survivor Wu Siu-hong aims to keep bowling into his 50s

Hong Kong’s star ten-pin bowler Wu Siu-hong, who was crowned champion in the 2015 Qubica AMF Bowling World Cup tournament in Las Vegas last week, said he hopes to continue his playing career into his 40s and perhaps even into his 50s.

At an event held Tuesday to celebrate his new win, the 31-year-old said that he was still feeling emotional after watching video clips of his latest tournament in the US.

“The recent win was confidence boosting,” Sky Post quoted Wu as saying. “Many players can hit strikes, but it’s down to consistency to be the best among the pack.”

Wu said he used to keep a close tab on his opponents’ scores, but such moves only added to the pressure on him.

“My scores improve significantly when I just focus on my own postures and positions.”

Wu, a cancer survivor, said he has set sights on the World Championship and the Asian Games in 2018 as his immediate next targets.

The young prodigy first made his name heard at the age of 16, when he took part in the East Asian Games in Osaka in 2001. He was made part of the Hong Kong representative team the next year.

Wu credits his father for helping him take up the sport.

“He was my source of inspiration. If not for him, I wouldn’t have even learned to bowl.”

As he had close bonds with his father, Wu was distraught when his dad passed away some years ago.

He became distracted and his career was affected. As he practiced less, his form deteriorated and his performance suffered.

This went on for one to two years, until one day he realized that he needed to pick himself up again for his own sake as well as for his father.

In October 2011, Wu lifted the champion’s trophy of World Tenpin Bowling Series in Australia, announcing his official return to the world of bowling.

Wu was diagnosed with testicular cancer last March, just before the Hong Kong bowling team was about to set off for the March 2014 Asian Games in South Korea.

He underwent surgery and chemotherapy after returning to Hong Kong and has now fully recovered and regained his match fitness.

Wu was presented a six-figure cheque by the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress in recognition of his outstanding achievements.

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