21 September 2019
Chris Chung said he tried to reach out to young voters through social media, but they responded with personal attacks. Photo: HKEJ
Chris Chung said he tried to reach out to young voters through social media, but they responded with personal attacks. Photo: HKEJ

DAB’s Chris Chung vows to come back stronger

Christopher Chung Shu-kun, a pro-establishment legislator who was defeated by a first-time candidate in Sunday’s district council election, vowed to revive his political career, saying he will “pick myself up where I have stumbled”.

“I would definitely stage a comeback,” Apple Daily quoted Chung as saying during an interview with online radio station DBC.

Analyzing the reasons for his defeat, Chung said most of the 2,000 newly-added voters in the Yue Wan constituency in Eastern District were first-time voters, and many of them were students who came to the polling station in groups on Sunday night.

Chung, who has been holding his seat for the past 21 years, said his achievements in the district were outweighed by “political votes”.

“We tried to reach out to them by using online platforms such as Facebook, yet the result is they come over to spam us with comments and attacks,” Chung said.

“We are just not on the same wavelength,” he said, referring to the young voters.

Commenting on some residents who gathered outside his district council office on Monday night to “celebrate his loss”, Chung said he could only thank them for “motivating” him.

Legislator Ip Kwok-him called on Chung and Elizabeth Quat, fellow members of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), to reflect on their defeat and review their strategies.

Ip said the DAB would nominate more young people to run in next year’s Legislative Council election.

In explaining his loss, Chung said the pan-democratic camp’s filibusters in Legco had prevented him from visiting his constituents more often.

However, records show that Chung attended only about 40 percent of the Legco meetings at three of his subcommittees.

According to the Church-based group Catholic Monitors on Legislative Councillors, Chung has failed to make a single motion or propose an amendment during the entire legislative year.

Chung refused to comment on whether he will run for Legco next year, saying the DAB has yet to hold discussions on the matter.

Personally, he said, he hoped to run again for a Legco seat, saying he is still willing and able to serve as a legislator.

In another media interview, Chung admitted he would fancy a chance to become a government official like Lau Kong-wah, who lost his Legco seat in 2012 but was named home affairs secretary earlier this year.

“There probably will not be a second Lau Kong-wah, who is so lucky and was able to capitalize on good timing,” Chung said.

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