16 September 2019
Armed with float vests, we slide carefully into a wide and deep pond. Photo: HKEJ
Armed with float vests, we slide carefully into a wide and deep pond. Photo: HKEJ

Canyoning down Ping Nam stream of Nam Chung

Once in a while you would like to engage in some outdoor water activities: diving, water sliding or swimming.  

Most probably you have visited a water park or taken a boat trip before. But don’t you think you deserve something more thrilling?

There are numerous streams and canyons available for you to explore in the countryside.

Canyoning at Ping Nam stream of Nam Chung is fun and safe. But first make sure you have properly geared up yourself with a helmet, float vest and safety belts, and strictly follow the instructions and advice of experienced coaches.

As soon as we arrived at the place, the four coaches explained in great length how to use each of the equipment. We also learned and practiced essential techniques such as rappelling down a slope.

After all the preparations, we hiked along the Nam Chung Country Trail to get to the right spot for the exciting game. Though it took only 20 minutes, we felt the journey was long as the stream was nowhere to be seen.

So nothing was as satisfying as discovering a small pond at the junction of the trail and the stream. Everyone jumped instantly into the cool water to wash away the heat from the long hike.

Our coaches followed suit, and one took the lead to search for the safest route for the group.

Not long afterwards, we arrived at another pond, but this time it was much wider and deeper. But armed with float vests, we slid carefully into the pond without being afraid of drowning.

Since it was summer, streaming water was in ample supply, turning a 10-meter slope into a most exciting water slide. It was so much fun that I felt like a child again.

By the cliffs the stream forked into several waterfalls. It was high time for us to put our training into practice.

The coaches affixed one end of the climbing rope to a large tree and then threaded the belay device on each of us. We were then rappelling down the waterfall like elite members of a paramilitary tactical unit of the police force.

Having surmounted the waterfall, my final challenge was to dive into another pond from the flat top of a 3-meter-tall rock. I was frozen with fear for a moment, but then a rush of exhilaration swept my mind and body. I let go.

Getting there:

To go to Nam Chung village: Take minibus 56K or KMB bus 78K at Fanling MTR station and get off at Nam Chung stop.

To return from Nam Chung village: Take minibus 56K or KMB bus 78K back to Fanling MTR station.

Government website: Nam Chung Country Trail

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Aug. 28.

Translation by Darlie Yiu with additional reporting

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Rappelling down a steep slope is exciting. Photo: HKEJ

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