18 February 2019
Yeung Chin (left) said veteran fashion designer William Tang used his accessories without giving him due credit. Photos: Facebook
Yeung Chin (left) said veteran fashion designer William Tang used his accessories without giving him due credit. Photos: Facebook

William Tang admits using newbie’s accessories in fashion show

Local fashion designer and columnist William Tang Tat-chi admitted being rash in using accessories of another designer for a recent show in Xiamen without giving him due credit.

Tang made the admission after budding designer Yeung Chin posted an article on his Facebook page titled “From the Heart of a Theft Victim”, am730 reported on Wednesday.

It was revealed that a scarf, a black coat and a collar piece from Yeung were featured in Tang’s collection for his “personal fashion show”.

Yeung said Tang went to his shop in Sheung Wan on Nov. 24 and bought four pieces of clothing and accessories, saying he intended to give them to friends as presents.

On Nov. 27, Yeung saw from Tang’s Facebook posts that three of his products were used in Tang’s Xiamen show.

Yeung did not publicize the incident until he posted an article on Facebook on Monday, complaining about the theft of intellectual property.

He said he felt despair after learning that such unethical practices are taking place in the industry. 

He said he was not trying to start a war with the veteran designer, and he didn’t care whether Tang apologized or not.

But he only wanted to start a discussion on intellectual property, adding that it is common practice among designers to credit other people’s work or other brands when presenting their collection in magazines.

When asked about the incident, Tang told am730 that he did buy several accessories from Yeung’s shop and used them in his Xiamen fashion show.

Tang said it is common practice among designers to outsource some of the accessories they use.

He said he used Yeung’s work because he liked his designs, noting that he even wrote an article on Wen Wei Po last week complimenting Yeung’s design.

He will have another article coming out on Apple Daily on Thursday.

“What I think Yeung has overlooked is the fact that the incident could have been concealed if I had not posted it on my Facebook, that is, if I did intend to cheat or copy or steal from him,” Tang said.

He said he hoped Yeung would accept his apology but added that he could do nothing if Yeung refused.

Tang said using Yeung’s accessories for his show without acknowledging the real designer was “rash action” on his part.

Jumping into the fray, veteran fashion designer Silvio Chan said Tang was only making excuses because a fashion show takes at least six months to prepare, so he couldn’t just use other people’s work without giving them proper credit and say it was “rash action”.

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