20 February 2019
With Cloud of Clouds developers can get new applications and complete solutions to market at unprecedented speed. Photo: HKEJ
With Cloud of Clouds developers can get new applications and complete solutions to market at unprecedented speed. Photo: HKEJ

Cloud to play critical role as business disruptor in 2016

Innovation involves risk, but the bigger risk is not innovating. This was the message we highlighted to chief information officers and senior IT professionals at the recent Asia Cloud Forum in Hong Kong.

We are in the era of disruptive thinking. This is what we see from cutting-edge companies, including new entrants such as Uber and Airbnb as well as global giants such as Apple and Ford, which continue to evolve and revolutionize the marketplace.

Enterprises in Asia and around the world want to innovate, but as they grow older they face numerous challenges. They become risk-averse, they have shareholder expectations, and focus on protecting the revenue. They end up just keeping the status quo of doing business as usual, and nothing changes.

It gets more complicated when they start to think of the technologies involved in making their organization truly innovative.

In reality, enterprises face a tangle of autonomous cloud services that can tie up network resources, frustrate employees and open up new risks.

So how do we reinvigorate a company’s thought process and make innovation a reality despite all these? 

Working closely with customers, we’ve seen how the cloud has transformed their businesses. More and more, companies understand that there are lots of innovation in the cloud, and this in fact opens new opportunities for their business to grow and at the same time save cost.

The trend is moving towards companies wrapping up all of their multiple clouds into one single cloud that they can manage and maximize.

At BT, we call this approach “Cloud of Clouds”, and we believe that effective integration is the future of enterprise cloud.

With this approach, gone are the days of designing and building a new application from scratch, including lengthy procurement of hardware and software.

With Cloud of Clouds developers can get new applications and complete solutions to market at unprecedented speed.

Now they can integrate their custom code with best-of-breed cloud services components, including off-the-shelf applications and total solutions like or our BT cloud contract centers.

The result is huge choice, from generic enterprise solutions to highly specialized industry-specific services.

What’s more, companies can easily switch cloud services on and off in days, or routinely turn up or down the volume to meet seasonal demands.

This is how Cloud of Clouds is enabling companies on disruptive thinking and helping them move forward to become innovative.

Cloud is no longer the domain of IT experts; any department or business unit can buy cloud services and that’s the beauty of this approach.

They can allocate their resources and budgets based on their preferred cloud services to fit their requirements.

The perfect cloud environment is one that allows easy and secure consumption of internal services and external solutions from multiple vendors and partners, and the key is the quality of user experience.

This is why the choice of cloud services depends a lot on the quality of communications network.

Cloud of Cloud is now a reality, combining centralized management system, IT integration skills, and global network and professional security expertise.

It has been described by an analyst as the “secret sauce” for integrated access to multiple cloud services.

We continue to add more capabilities to our Cloud of Clouds, most recently with additional collaboration services, security features and industry partnerships.

Clearly, when enterprises need their people to collaborate easily anywhere and anytime in a wholly secure way, it is possible with Cloud of Clouds.

In future, no business will be successful unless it makes the most of the cloud.

A new approach to cloud services can make the enterprise more agile and most of all innovative.

Good preparation starts now as we approach a new year. 

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Head of Solution Design, Asia, Middle East and Africa, BT Global Services

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