19 April 2019
Asha Cuthbert (right) criticized Wong Jing (left) for saying Hong Kong's YouTubers aren't successful because they can't afford to buy a flat. Photos: YouTube
Asha Cuthbert (right) criticized Wong Jing (left) for saying Hong Kong's YouTubers aren't successful because they can't afford to buy a flat. Photos: YouTube

YouTuber, film director argue online over what is success

A Hong Kong YouTuber received more than a hundred thousand views for a 10 minute clip she uploaded criticizing a guest on a TVB program for defining success for young people in a narrow way.

Asha Cuthbert, a British-Filipino model who grew up in Hong Kong, uploaded a YouTube clip Sunday saying she disagrees with what veteran Hong Kong film director Wong Jing (王晶) said on a recent TVB program titled The Internet of Things on TV (網絡挑機).

Talking to two YouTubers, Wong said during the program that Hong Kong’s YouTubers are losers because they cannot make enough money from their channels on the video platform to buy a home.

Wong said being able to purchase a flat equals success, at least according to Hong Kong’s definition of the word.

He also said young people who daydream of being YouTubers will regret it after they get married and are forced to compromise and watch TVB programs instead with their spouse a decade later.

“When I heard that, I felt sad for him,” Cuthbert said in fluent Cantonese on her clip, titled Dear TVB.

“Why can we call ourselves successful only if we can make a lot of money?

“Why am I not successful for doing what I want?”

YouTubers may not be making a lot of money from their channels, but they will feel proud of what they have done, as they have at least tried to follow their own hearts and do the things they like, Cuthbert said.

“I will not fall in love with someone who loves watching TVB,” she said.

She said many TVB programs brainwash Hongkongers into believing that they can find happiness only by owning a lot of money, an apartment and luxury brands.

“These are not success,” Cuthbert said. “I have faith in Hong Kong people.”

She said Hong Kong’s TV channels are not up to international standards.

For example, the BBC offers different programs on diverse topics and has its own YouTube channels to serve netizens, Cuthbert said.

She said the BBC has also formed partnerships with many YouTubers.

Her YouTube clip had received 137,000 views by Wednesday afternoon.

Unfazed, Wong posted a reply early Wednesday morning on his Weibo account. 

“I was famous at age 20, bought an apartment at 22 and became a director at 25,” he wrote.

“I have been hot for 40 years. This year, I directed From Vegas to Macau II, which grossed a billion yuan at the box office.

“I was awarded the best director in terms of box office 30 times.

“I am successful doing all the things I like.

“If you guys don’t like to buy a house, go live in a tent.”

Netizens commented that Wong was able to enter the movie industry at an early age because he had the advantage of his father being Wong Tin-lam, a famous producer, director and actor. 

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