22 July 2019
Images from a surveillance camera show the thief (circled) stealing the iPhone (arrowed). Photos: YouTube
Images from a surveillance camera show the thief (circled) stealing the iPhone (arrowed). Photos: YouTube

Pickpocket nicks HK$6,000 iPhone from McDonald’s customer

A female pickpocket was caught on camera stealing a smartphone in the blink of an eye from another woman’s pocket at a McDonald’s outlet in Kowloon Bay, Headline Daily reported Friday.

Closed-circuit television footage showed the thief approaching the victim, who was concentrating on browsing the menu on a wall with her family members.

The pickpocket swiftly extracted the smartphone from the left pocket of the victim’s jacket. The whole process took less than three seconds.

The thief walked out of the store and vanished into the crowd.

The owner, surnamed Lam, of the stolen iPhone 6 Plus only found out about the disappearance of her handset 30 minutes later.

A representative of the fast-food outlet said it is working closely with police investigators and refused to comment further.

Police said Lam, 30, was about to buy food with two relatives at the restaurant at 5:41 p.m.

A middle-aged woman seen carrying a pink hand bag walked near Lam, pretending to be checking the menu.

Police officers are also investigating a group of four people, three women and one men, who were seen walking toward Lam after the female thief.

The four people did not appear to notice the theft, but it remains to be seen if they were accomplices, as they appeared to be shielding the thief from behind.

Many netizens left comments online suggesting people should remain cautious and not display their valuables in public.

Others said it was outrageous that pickpockets were stealing in broad daylight.

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