16 February 2019
A December 2010 photo (inset) shows grass covered with frost at Tai Mo Shan (background). Photos:
A December 2010 photo (inset) shows grass covered with frost at Tai Mo Shan (background). Photos:

HK weather expected to turn very chilly this weekend

Hong Kong people should brace for very chilly weather as temperatures are forecast to drop to 9-degrees Celsius, the lowest this winter, on Sunday due to the arrival of a cold wave.

Citing data provided by the Observatory, Apple Daily reported that a cold wave will arrive in the South China regions on Jan. 22 and that the mercury will fall to season-low.

Temperatures in New Territories could fall to as low as 6-7 degrees Celsius in the days ahead, but are projected to rebound to around 12 degrees on Jan. 26 or Jan. 27.

A civil meteorological website cited data released by the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) as suggesting that temperature at the top of Tai Mo Shan mountain could fall to zero degree Celsius or even below, and that there could even be some snowfall there.

If that proves true, it will mark the first snowfall in the city in 41 years. The last time we had a snowfall was on Dec. 14, 1975, also on Tai Mo Shan.

However, the Hong Kong Observatory on Monday dismissed the possibility of snowfall.

Stephen Lau, scientific officer at the Observatory, was quoted as saying that ECMWF is just one of the tools for weather forecasting and that it may just be used as a reference.

Combining various data, the Observatory believes there wouldn’t be any snow on Sunday, Lau said.

Given that Hong Kong is located in a sub-tropical area, and adding the global warming effects, there is very slim chance of snowfall in the city, he added.

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