23 October 2018
Literato is taken away by police (inset) from the residential tower where she was staying. Photos:
Literato is taken away by police (inset) from the residential tower where she was staying. Photos:

DNA test links Filipino maid to baby she abandoned

Macau police have identified the woman who abandoned a newborn girl found in a garbage bin in a residential tower Tuesday.

A DNA test and other evidence have confirmed that the woman is a domestic helper from the Philippines visiting the city.

The maid, surnamed Literato, 23, has been arrested, Macau Daily reported Friday.

She entered Macau with her employer’s family, who were on vacation in the city.

They had been staying in a flat in Lei Yip Building in the Flower City housing complex in Taipa since Feb. 4.

The maid, who is unmarried, told police she gave birth to the girl in the bathroom at around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Since the infant did not cry, her mother thought she was dead and abandoned her in the trash.

She told police she didn’t know anything about being pregnant.

However, police did not find the maid’s confession totally convincing, as the woman has a son, who is already five year old, with her boyfriend, which suggests that she could not have failed to notice her pregnancy.

And despite a public notice having been put up in the building that the condition of the abandoned baby girl was stable, the woman took no steps to try to get back her child.

Police have ruled out the possibility that the employer was involved in the case.

She told them she had no idea of her maid’s pregnancy.

Her assertion was backed up by airport footage that shows the petite maid helped with lifting heavy luggage.

A cleaner in the building found the newborn baby at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

After having been abandoned nine hours earlier, the baby girl had a low body temperature.

She was rushed to a hospital in Macau, where her condition has been stabilized.

Macau police are following up on the welfare of the infant with the Social Welfare Bureau.

One baby abandoned, another found dead in Macau building (Feb 18, 2016)

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