23 August 2019
Tong Leung (left) and Faye Wong (third row, center) attend a Tibetan Buddhist event in India. Photo:
Tong Leung (left) and Faye Wong (third row, center) attend a Tibetan Buddhist event in India. Photo:

Faye Wong, Tony Leung warned after sitting near Dalai supporters

Two Hong Kong superstars have been warned by Chinese state media that they may be forced to eat humble pie if they fail to be more discreet in their actions.

Singer Faye Wong and actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai, along with mainland actor Hu Jun, were criticized for sitting close to two core figures of the Dalai Lama group when they took part in a Tibetan Buddhist event in India recently, Ming Pao Daily reported Friday.

An article on state-run website said: “Celebrities, as public figures, should be more discreet in words and acts.

“Mixing with leaders supporting Tibetan independence has gone beyond the realm of freedom of religious belief.” 

The article said quite a few celebrities have been boycotted in recent years for behavior that triggered public anger.

It cited the examples of Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong Chau-sang; who showed support for the Occupy movement, Hong Kong actor Chapman To, who made a comment criticizing mainland Chinese; Taiwanese singer A-Mei, who sang the national anthem of Taiwan at a presidential inauguration; and Taiwanese singer Chou Tzu-yu, 16, who was forced to apologize for waving the Taiwanese flag on a television show.

The article warned Faye Wong, Leung and Hu to behave well, saying that if they do whatever they want as celebrities in the name of freedom, they will have to eat humble pie.

Some netizens suggested banning the trio, saying that a nation that has the ability to fight against corruption should be capable of examining the political stance of public figures.

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