10 December 2018
Holden Chow suddenly becomes emotional during the candidates' debate and wipes his nose. Photo: YouTube
Holden Chow suddenly becomes emotional during the candidates' debate and wipes his nose. Photo: YouTube

Holden Chow accused of shedding crocodile tears during debate

Holden Chow Ho-ding has been accused of crying to win sympathy from the audience during a televised debate for the candidates in Sunday’s Legislative Council by-election in New Territories East, Metro Daily reported Friday.

Chow, vice chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), became emotional when he was cornered by rival candidate Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu from the Civic Party.

Yeung said the recent four-party meeting on the controversial copyright amendment bill would not have been held if not for the filibustering by pan-democrat legislators.

He said the bill might otherwise have been passed at an early stage owing to the support of the pro-establishment camp.

Yeung asked Chow not to deceive Hong Kong people by ignoring the facts.

Chow responded by saying the meeting was facilitated by his fellow party member Chan Kam-lam.

He told Yeung he had no more energy and would not like to argue further about the issue.

Chow said he decided to run for the Legco seat for the future of Hong Kong.

This was when Chow suddenly collapsed.  

“Many people have been bad-mouthing me online lately. Have you ever considered my feelings and those of my family members?” he sniveled.

“Hong Kong is not supposed to be like this, where we attack each other on a daily basis.”

Chow said, while wiping his nose with tissue paper: “I believe in God, and I believe we are all brothers. We can be friends if we are willing to sit down together and talk.” 

Fellow barrister Albert Leung Sze-ho, another candidate, immediately fired back with a sarcastic comment asking if Chow was really sad or was just acting.

If Chow is so vulnerable and can collapse into tears so easily, Leung said, how could he speak for the people of Hong Kong at the Legislative Council?

In a choked voice, Chow later apologized, saying the tears he shed were for the whole of Hong Kong.

He said he believed that the majority of Hong Kong people would not like to see conflict.

Sai Kung district councilor Christine Fong Kwok-shan; Nelson Wong Sing-chi, deputy convener of the centrist Third Side party; Hong Kong Indigenous core member Edward Leung Tin-kei; and businessman Lau Chi-sing are the other candidates in the Legco by-election.

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