21 February 2019
Ray Wong says his family was threatened by some 'non-local, powerful people' who don't speak Cantonese. Photo: HKEJ
Ray Wong says his family was threatened by some 'non-local, powerful people' who don't speak Cantonese. Photo: HKEJ

Ray Wong claims family threatened by ‘non-local powerful people’

Ray Wong Toi-yeung, convener of the localist group Hong Kong Indigenous, said his family had been receiving calls from some “powerful people” demanding a meeting with him in person.

Wong said the calls started coming after the clashes between protesters and police in Mong Kok on the night of Feb. 8, reported.

At a news conference outside the MTR Tseung Kwan O Station on Tuesday afternoon, Wong said those people warned his family that he could end up like the bookseller Lee Bo — who went missing from Hong Kong at the end of last year and has since turned up on the mainland — if he failed to show up to meet with them.

Some of them even promised they would give his family anything they wanted to set up a meeting, but his family rejected the offer, Wong said.

Wong was arrested Feb. 21 on a charge of inciting violence during the Mong Kok clashes, which the government calls a riot.

He told the media that the “powerful people” are not locals and do not speak Cantonese, but he refused to say whether the calls were from the mainland.

While his lawyer suggested that he file a report with police, Wong said he and his family decided it is better to let the public know about the threats and let the people protect them, as they did not think the police are capable of and willing to help.

Claiming that the threatening calls have put great pressure on his family, Wong urged those people to stop them.

Wong also said he had felt that he was being tailed since he was granted bail by a judge with conditions on Feb. 23.

He said the same thing had happened to some members of Hong Kong Indigenous before.

Wong declined to comment on the more than HK$500,000 in cash seized by police when he was arrested last month, saying the case has entered the judicial phase.

He promised that he will not be a candidate for a seat in the Legislative Council election in September.

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