19 November 2018
Photo: HKEJ
Photo: HKEJ

Phone scam update: Yuen Long millionaire loses record HK$49 mln

Just change the name and enter the story in a template and you have your latest version of the perfect phone scam.

The pattern is the same, over and over — someone from Shenzhen SF Express courier calls to tell the intended victim that  something illegal has been found in a package.

And now that person is in trouble with the police but the caller then says he can fix the problem for a fee.

The victim is asked to either open an account in the mainland or use an existing account to transfer the money.

And sure enough, the money is gone without a trace.

Now put in the story of the 53-year-old Yuen Long millionaire who lost 49 million yuan (US$7.5 million) to just this kind of scam and you have updated your template.

Apple Daily is reporting that the man had wired money to a new mainland account more than 10 times since October, the biggest single haul by phone scammers. 

The victim, a low-profile resident of Fairview Park Road, reported the money missing on March 4.

The template fits all types — rich, elderly, educated and ordinary people.

Last year, erhu king Wong Kwok-tong, 76, and his soprano wife Li Yuen-yung lost HK$22.8 million to such fraudsters.

Which is why this latest phone scam is no longer news but we will keep running stories like this until people get it.

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