17 November 2018
Sophie Marceau (inset) is seen participating in a mass dance in Guangzhou. Photos: Guangzhou Daily,
Sophie Marceau (inset) is seen participating in a mass dance in Guangzhou. Photos: Guangzhou Daily,

Guangzhou square dancers thrilled as Sophie Marceau joins in

Mainland “dama”, or middle-aged women, are often accused of questionable behavior by taking over public spaces in cities and towns and indulging in noisy song and dance performances. 

Used to mixed receptions and reactions from the public, the square dancers naturally welcome the prospect of any celebrity endorsing their activity and lending respect to the “art form”.  

Well, a group of such women in Guangzhou found their wish come true last weekend, thanks to a surprise thrown up by famous French actress, director and screenwriter Sophie Marceau.

On March 19, the 49-year-old international celebrity showed up unannounced at an event at the Tianhe Sports Center and joined a group of square dancers, according to Guangzhou Daily.

In video clips uploaded online, Marceau was seen moving her body and dancing in rhythm to the Chinese song “Girl in the Snow Mountains (雪山姑娘)”.

Her performance along with the Chinese dama won the hearts of many mainland netizens, with some commentators exulting that the French celebrity danced like a ballerina.

But some also remarked sarcastically that they found it difficult to believe that Marceau, who is regarded as a goddess in her native country, has now turned into a dama, news website noted.

Maceau was quoted as saying that she felt great about dancing in Guangzhou, despite humid weather.

The dancing event was actually said to have been held to welcome the French actress to the city. 

Apart from joining the dance, Marceau also said that she was hoping to taste Guangzhou’s famous food dishes.

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