20 March 2019
This YouTube screen grab from a security camera shows the incident as it unfolds. Photo: YouTube
This YouTube screen grab from a security camera shows the incident as it unfolds. Photo: YouTube

Woman’s would-be kidnapping post draws 1.4 billion Weibo hits

If they were a country, they would be the biggest on the planet.

That gives you an idea how many people have been chasing a Weibo post by a woman recounting her ordeal with a would-be kidnapper in a Beijing hotel.

By Wednesday, a day after it was posted, the story had received 1.4 billion hits on China’s Twitter-like service, am730 reports 

The woman, named Wanwan, said she was dragged in a hallway by a man after they rode together in an elevator in Yitel hotel in Beijing’s Chaoyang district.

She said the man approached her when she stopped in the corridor to look for her pass key in her bag.

He asked for her room number and became agitated when she told him it was none of his business.

Then he grabbed her, choked her to prevent her from screaming and began dragging her into a room.

Seeing it was locked, the man decided to use the stairs.

A cleaning woman who saw them thought they were having a lovers’ quarrel and left.

But a hotel guest who was coming up the staircase sensed something was wrong and pulled her from the suspect, Wanwan said.

Other guests alerted to the commotion came out and the suspect fled.

Wanwan was unhurt.

The hotel management apologized in a press conference and promised to improve security but not before Wanwan had complained loudly at not being taken seriously.

Wanwan said that despite security cameras in the hallway, no one from hotel security noticed the incident.

Also, she said the hotel management refused to act until the Chaoyang police stepped in.

Investigators later found that most of the security cameras were not working.

Yitel is owned by Home Inns Group, the largest budget hotel chain operator in the mainland.

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