19 November 2018
Crowds throng an area outside Hong Kong Stadium after the rugby final match on Sunday. Photo:
Crowds throng an area outside Hong Kong Stadium after the rugby final match on Sunday. Photo:

Foreigner arrested in taxi brawl after Rugby Sevens final

Hong Kong Sevens came to an exciting finish over the weekend but the outcome was perhaps not to this fan’s liking.

On Sunday, a foreign national flew into a rage outside the Hong Kong Stadium after the rugby final, breaking a taxi rearview mirror and getting into a brawl with the cabbie, reports.

The incident happened at the Eastern Hospital Road at around 9:30 pm as the foreigner sought a taxi to go back from the sporting venue.

A taxi driver stopped by, but to the foreigner’s dismay and anger, the cabbie refused to accept the fare.

The reason given by the taxi driver was this: he was about to complete his shift, so he can’t take the foreigner to the place he wants to go.

This made the waiting passenger blow his fuse.

According to the report, the man yelled at the cabbie and broke the rearview mirror of the vehicle.

The taxi driver immediately got out of the car and started arguing with the foreigner, sparking a bitter fight.

Later when the visitor sought to get away from the scene, the taxi driver caught hold of him and tried to prevent his escape.

Still, the man managed to break free and started running. After sprinting for about two hundred meters, the man turned around only to find that the cabbie was still in pursuit.

Then the man reportedly landed a few punches on the taxi driver.

The injured cabbie then called the police for help.

After arriving at the scene, the police arrested the foreigner and charged him with “common assault” and “criminal damage”.

It is suspected that the man may have been part of the several groups of people that had gathered near the Hong Kong Stadium after the rugby final ended at around 7:30 pm.

Many people were seen drinking beer and engaging in noisy activity after the match, contributing to the surcharged atmosphere and inflamed passions.  

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