18 February 2019
A Maserati owned by Wilson Fung (R) is believed to have been originally bought by a firm linked to Macau businesswoman Cheyenne Chan. Photos:, HKEJ
A Maserati owned by Wilson Fung (R) is believed to have been originally bought by a firm linked to Macau businesswoman Cheyenne Chan. Photos:, HKEJ

After flat-swap controversy, Fungs face scrutiny over Maserati

Wilson Fung Wing-Yip, the husband of Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs Betty Fung Ching Suk-yee, was found to have owned a Maserati sports car that was previously owned by a company linked to Macau businesswoman Cheyenne Chan, online news outlet reported.

Citing information gathered from Wilson Fung’s Facebook page, the report said the Fung family took control of a blue Maserati in 2009.

The luxury sports car was originally purchased in 2005 by a company in which Cheyenne Chan, a sister-in-law of Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho Hung-sun, was a director, it said.

According to, the ownership of the car was transferred to Wilson Fung in 2009, two years after he was in put in charge of helicopters and civil aviation policies at the Hong Kong government.

This has led to suspicions that there was some sort of sweetheart deal from Chan, who is co-owner of a firm that runs a helicopter shuttle service between Hong Kong and Macau.

The Fungs had earlier faced allegations of conflict of interest in relation to a flat-swap deal involving Chan. 

The Hong Kong government announced Monday that Betty Fung has gone on sick leave, and that it’s not known when she will return to work.

Reporters found that when Wilson Fung posted a picture of the Masterati on his Facebook page in 2009, Betty Fung left a comment on the post that said: “Don’t want to see this photo!”.

The comment has triggered speculation that Betty Fung might have been aware that the car was owned by Chan’s company.

When approached by reporters, Wilson Fung refused to give an interview, saying that he won’t make any further comments after his statement a few days ago.

Betty Fung and Cheyenne Chan didn’t respond to queries, said.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Wilson Fung said the flat-swap transaction was between him and Chan, and that his wife was “kept in the dark”.

Fung is executive director for corporate development at the Airport Authority.

Meanwhile, Apple Daily has reported that Wilson Fung might have been the key person behind the issuance of a letter to Andrew Tse, the then chief executive of Hong Kong Express Airways, in 2005, condemning the airline for not utilizing the air traffic rights to Shenzhen.

The letter had been issued in the name of Secretary for Economic Development and Labour, Stephen Ip Shu-kwan.

According to Tse, the letter prompted Stanley Ho, the founder of Hong Kong Express Airways, to allocate the group’s helicopter business to Chan.

Chan, a director at Hong Kong Express Airways, had been at odds with Tse.

According to government gazettes, Hong Kong Express Airways was awarded traffic rights to some mainland cities in April 2005.

Tse said the official licenses were only awarded in July that year, and that the carrier launched flights to Guangzhou and Hangzhou two and three months later, respectively.

He said he believes that Wilson Fung had targeted him as Fung was a close friend of Chan.

Tse left Hong Kong Express Airways after the incident.

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