19 December 2018
The toddler uses a pole to keep the law enforcers at bay. Photo: Weibo
The toddler uses a pole to keep the law enforcers at bay. Photo: Weibo

Chinese toddler singlehandedly battles law enforcers

He may just be a toddler, but his wrath kept law enforcers at bay – at least for a while.

A video clip seen on Weibo shows a chubby Chinese boy, said to be only three years old, using all his strength to push away several urban management officers who seem to be trying to remove a street stall being operated by his grandmother, iCable News reports.

The footage does not say where and when the incident happened.

While he may be too young to understand the issues involved in the stall demolition, what is clear is the boy was enraged by the law enforcers’ attempt to deprive his grandmother of their means of livelihood.

The officers and onlookers looked amused, but for the boy it was clearly no laughing matter.

While he could only slur his words, the boy was clearly telling the officers to leave his grandmother alone.

First he swung his fists at the officers and started kicking them, then he picked up a pole from the ground and tried to poke them with it.

Bystanders laughed at him, but that only made him more angry as he confronted the officers.

Although the clip didn’t show how the incident ended, the grandmother should be proud to have such a grandson whose wrath showed his love for her.

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