13 December 2018
The 7-Eleven store in San Po Kong. Photo: Google Maps
The 7-Eleven store in San Po Kong. Photo: Google Maps

Robber helps himself to HK$3,000 as store staff look on

An unarmed man grabbed HK$3,000 from the cash register of a convenience store in San Po Kong while two store staff watched without putting up any resistance, Apple Daily reported Wednesday.

The store assistants, surnamed Ho, 27, and Lee, 41, were in the 7-Eleven at 36 Sung Ling Street at around 6 a.m. Tuesday when a man stormed into the shop and yelled: “It’s a robbery! Give me all the cash!”

The man, believed to be in his 40s, was displeased at the slow reaction from Ho and Lee.

He slammed the monitor of the cash register and said, “This is not a joke!”

The robber then jumped behind the cash register and quickly made off with HK$3,000.

Ho and Lee said they were afraid of getting injured, after a man killed a convenience store owner in Yau Ma Tei in a dispute over payment for a bag of potato chips on March 8.

They said they followed their company’s guidelines, which said they should put their personal safety first.

A representative of 7-Eleven said the staff of the convenience store chain have been told to treat their safety as the top priority in any such incident.

The company said it will assist police with their investigation.

Legislator Wong Kwok-hing, of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, agreed with how the store clerks handled the incident.

Wong called on the police to increase their patrols.

Former police senior superintendent Ho Ming-sun agreed that store staff should not take any risks, as there normally isn’t a large amount of cash in a convenience store.

He said a store’s closed-circuit television camera should be able to capture the appearance of robbers to assist police in their investigations.

7-Eleven stabbing victim dies, case reclassified to murder (March 15, 2016)

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