14 November 2018
Public figures including Regina Leung could learn a lesson about not embarrassing themselves from the Bus Uncle saga a decade ago. Photos: YouTube, NowTV
Public figures including Regina Leung could learn a lesson about not embarrassing themselves from the Bus Uncle saga a decade ago. Photos: YouTube, NowTV

Has Regina Leung learned anything at all from Bus Uncle?

Oh well, she has not broken any law. Nor has her father, who spoke to the airline staff.

What about her mother?

Almost a month after the airport luggage saga, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and his family must have breathed a big sigh of relief when the Airport Authority of Hong Kong announced that his younger daughter, Chung-yan, who forgot her carry-on bag after checking in for a flight to San Francisco, had not broken any security rules by having it brought into the restricted area for her.

Ditto for the chief executive, who admitted speaking with a Cathay Pacific employee on the phone. There is no proof that he abused his power.

Now that we have been told that 517 similar “courtesy deliveries (禮遇送達)” were made at the airport in the past year, it makes sense that Leung had no need to even request special latitude.

What about his wife, Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee, who accompanied Chung-yan to the airport?

Well, Regina Leung appeared upset, the official report said, and asked why no one could help her deliver the bag to her daughter.

“At 00:16am, Mrs Leung started to walk to L7 North Pre-immigration stating that she would take the bag to the boarding gate herself … at 00:18am, a CX staff was carrying the bag into airside via the staff channel,” the Airport Authority report said.

The report did not mention if Regina Leung breached air safety regulations.

And there was no record of what she actually said to the airport staff.

One can only imagine what she could have said that caused this saga to drag on for such a long time.

Knowing what we know about Regina Leung, one thing stands out: she slammed academic Ivan Choy Chi-keung for commentary that she described as “shallow, ignorant, cold-blooded and unfeeling” two years ago.

She even ignored a call from “CY” before she spoke in front of the TV cameras.

Regina Leung loves her children, especially her troubled elder daughter.

Chai-yan, while drunk, slapped her mother’s face in public at Halloween last year, and Regina won sympathy as a good and patient mother.

But we are not sure if Regina Leung was good and patient in her public treatment of the airport and airline staff.

There has been no shortage of embarrassing incidents in Hong Kong involving the airport and public transport.

Seven years ago, a hysterical woman was seen sitting on the floor of Hong Kong International Airport screaming after she missed the final call for her flight to San Francisco.

The video clip of what was later known as “Airport Auntie” went viral.

She became world-famous and got an upgrade from Cathay Pacific in compensation.

And who can easily forget “Bus Uncle”, the star of an uploaded phone video that attracted seven million views within a month?

The six-minute clip featured the foul language-filled rant of a man who was gently reminded by a young man to keep his voice down on a bus to Yuen Long.

Bus Uncle famously said: “You have pressure. I have pressure too. Why do you intimidate me?”

The Bus Uncle saga showed that the mobile phone is the best weapon against injustice and YouTube has been elevated into a court of social media users.

The Bus Uncle video celebrates its 10th anniversary Wednesday.

When will our public figures learn not to embarrass themselves in public?

(Airport Auntie 2009)

(Bus Uncle 2006)

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