20 March 2019
A picture of the cat stuck in a rat trap was posted on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/Cat is cat
A picture of the cat stuck in a rat trap was posted on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/Cat is cat

Animal lovers rush to Tai Po to save trapped cat

A report on social media about a cat caught in a rat trap prompted animal lovers to flock from across Hong Kong to Tai Po Industrial Estate to try to free it.

A post on a Facebook page dedicated to cat lovers said the animal was seen stuck in the trap with one hind leg immobilized by the spring-loaded bar Tuesday morning, news website reported.

A netizen surnamed Hui was at the Tai Po site looking for the injured cat when reporters arrived at the scene.

Hui, a taxi driver and an animal volunteer, was disappointed to find only an empty rat trap with a bunch of cat fur stuck in it.

He was working in Causeway Bay but decided to rescue the cat after hearing about its plight.

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also sent staff to investigate, but they found no trace of the cat after searching the neighborhood.

The reporters saw at least four or five rat traps placed on the ground with a tag on each saying: “Do not move this device. An experiment is being carried out by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.”

Elaine Chan Ling-yee of Cats Society (Hong Kong) Ltd. said the injured cat is about four months old and could have been lured into the trap by the bait.

Chan said anyone who sees a stray animal being caught in a trapping device should move the entire trap to a safe place and call a veterinary professional or independent animal rights group for help.

The FEHD confirmed that it has placed 50 animal traps in the vicinity in a two-week exercise to assess the pest situation at Tai Po Industrial Estate.

It said it did not see any cat in a trap during Tuesday’s routine inspection of the devices.

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