19 April 2019
Content marketing talent is in as much demand as software engineering skills. Photo: Internet
Content marketing talent is in as much demand as software engineering skills. Photo: Internet

Why startups need to get their message across effectively

When people talk about a tech startup, the focus is usually on the design and writing of software. While those elements are important, one also needs to devote more attention to the content aspect, says Loki Ng, a blogger and co-founder of translation app OneSky.

By content, Ng refers to information that helps people understand how a startup’s product can be of use to them.

Citing the social media service offered by Buffer as an example, Ng points out how Buffer’s blog successfully shows the way its service works, while also amassing and sharing information about social media management sourced from elsewhere.

Such practical content not only helps customers solve their problems, it also enables Buffer to establish its image as a specialist in the field.

The power of such content should not be underestimated.

As long as the problem is a common one, people will be exposed to the content provider when they search for answers online and find those articles.

Internally, they could also become great tools for customer service staff and sales people.

A great content creator will always be open and alert to market feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

To maximize the impact, there is a need to keep looking for better headlines to attract audience and seek better channels to widen the reach.

A good article can be turned into different formats, including pictures, video, quotes or infographics. When there is sufficient amount of content, they can be organized into an e-book or even used to host a Webinar.

To identify the topics to write, it is a good idea to begin with questions frequently asked by customers.

If the experiences of active users can be turned into stories, they can often become great marketing assets for a startup. These real live examples — almost like word of mouth — can save sales people a lot effort when it comes to explaining to and convincing new customers.

If software is about communicating with machine, content marketing is about communicating with customers.

Ng said it’s wrong to assume that tech is the hardest part. Getting the message and brand out is equally difficult, if not even more tough, he says.

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