20 April 2018
A police officer issues a ticket to the driver of an illegally parked van in Causeway Bay on Wednesday. Photo:
A police officer issues a ticket to the driver of an illegally parked van in Causeway Bay on Wednesday. Photo:

Police clampdown on illegal parking stirs up conflict, confusion

Conflict and confusion marked the first day of a week-long police operation to crack down on illegal parking, with at least three men arrested in the process, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Two men were arrested in Yau Ma Tei on Wednesday after quarreling with police officers over illegal parking.

The duo were seen swearing at the police officers after receiving a ticket from them.

They attempted to run away, but were grappled, brought to the ground and taken away.

According to Headline Daily, the two – a 57-year-old driver and his 44-year-old passenger – were shouting at the officers who gave them a verbal warning.

The two men claimed they were feeling unwell and needed medical attention.

The police officers offered to take them to a hospital by ambulance but were rejected.

The two then dashed into a nearby Chinese medicine clinic, where they were eventually arrested and taken away in a police car.

In Sham Shui Po, a van driver of South Asian ethnicity was arrested around 5 p.m. after tussling with two police officers who asked for his driver’s license before giving him an illegal parking ticket.

The two police officers sustained minor injuries.

Elsewhere, police officers and traffic wardens could be seen hovering around illegal parking black spots in Central, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok.

Penalty tickets were issued without warning, even in cases where the driver was in the car, the report said.

Observers said traffic policemen seemed to have turned a blind eye to several minibuses seen double-parking on Tung Choi Street in Mong Kok.

Some professional drivers complained that they had no choice but to park illegally because they had to make deliveries for a living.

It just does not make sense to park their delivery vehicles into an hourly car park, the drivers explained.

Other private car drivers said the illegal parking campaign does not address the core of the issue, which is the lack of public parking spaces.

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