19 April 2018
Chim Pui-chung announces his comeback, vowing that this time, it's for real. Photo: HKEJ
Chim Pui-chung announces his comeback, vowing that this time, it's for real. Photo: HKEJ

Ex-lawmaker ‘Chiu Chow Angry Man’ returns to Legco fray

A former lawmaker who has been compared to Donald Trump for his outspoken behavior announced Monday he will make a comeback as an independent candidate in the Legislative Council election in September.

Chim Pui-chung, 69, promised that this time, it’s for real, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reported.

The former legislator for the financial services functional constituency said he will run for one of the six seats in the Hong Kong Island constituency.

The main plank of his platform is that he will look deep into the scandal involving HK$50 million (US$6.43 million) in payments made to Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying by Australian engineering firm UGL.

Media reports said in 2014 that Leung had demanded the secret payments for his cooperation in a deal shortly before he was elected chief executive. The payments were made when he was already in office.

Leung denied any wrongdoing.

Chim, nicknamed “Chiu Chow Angry Man”, said the scandal suggested the government has failed to do a good job of overseeing its leader.

Once elected to Legco, Chim said, he will demand the government clarify if Leung has been abiding by the rules regarding civil servants’ integrity specified in the Basic Law.

He also vowed not to support Leung’s re-election if the chief executive cannot meet Beijing’s demand for “harmony” in Hong Kong.

With “Not afraid to charge. For Hong Kong, speak truth” as his campaign slogan, Chim gave six reasons for his comeback, five of them related to Leung, the report said.

Chim claimed to be absolutely pro-China and said his participation in the election will not be for fame or money but to ensure the government is put under supervision.

He displayed a letter showing he had won HK$9.77 million at a casino in Macau earlier this month.

Asked if he will pull out of the election like he did in 2012, nine days after filing his nomination papers, Chim said he did that four years ago because he did not want to compete with another candidate who was considered “loyal to Leung”.

Chim said this time nothing can stop him, although some people have already tried to talk him out of it.

“I have experienced all of the three worst things that could happen to a man, including serving a jail sentence, contracting cancer and being poisoned politically, and therefore I am not afraid of being defamed by others any more,” he said.

Calling himself one more option for voters besides the candidates in the pan-democratic and pro-establishment camps, he declined to project his odds of getting elected but said only that he will leave that for voters to decide.

The report quoted Ivan Choy Chi-keung, a senior lecturer in the department of government and public administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as saying he is not optimistic about Chim’s chances, because he has no party to back him up, although he might win some ballots from supporters of the establishment.

Choy said the “anti-Leung” strategy adopted by Chim and some other candidates in the election might influence Beijing’s decision about who should be the next leader of Hong Kong.

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