13 November 2019
Tsing Ma Bridge at daybreak is an awesome sight but it's just as breataling any time of day -- or night. Photo:
Tsing Ma Bridge at daybreak is an awesome sight but it's just as breataling any time of day -- or night. Photo:

You won’t find a more stunning Tsing Ma Bridge

After a hectic week, I decided to hike last Saturday but at a leisurely pace. I set out at daybreak.

Lazy hikers, or those that are kinder to their lungs and legs, find the 3.5-kilometer Tsing Yi Nature Trail in Tsing Yan Shan (青欣山) a wonderful choice.

It’s excellent for strolling and taking in the sights. A number of interesting old pavilions dot the route.

And the view from the hilltop is breathtaking.

Rambler Channel and Ma Wan Channel, with Ting Kau Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge across them, dominate the scenery.

New Territories West residents should be familiar with Tsing Ma Bridge because they experience it in the course of the day.

Completed in 1997, it’s the world’s ninth longest suspension bridge and a Hong Kong icon.

Hikers can reach the north entrance of Tsing Yi Nature Trail by walking along Liu To Road and climbing up a flight of stairs to Pavilion No. 4, marked on the route as “Reunification Health Trail“.

The pavilion and its surrounding buildings were built to commemorate Hong Kong’s 1997 return to China.

From there, Pavilion No. 3 is a short hop, offering a scenic panorama with Kap Shui Mun Bridge in the distance.

The trail leads to a picnic ground via Ching Wan Path.

I had plenty of time to take it all in and turn my short trek into a long-running photo op.

I wouldn’t miss Pavilion No. 2 for anything.

It’s the best spot for selfies if you want a perfect shot against Tsing Ma Bridge.

But you’d have to compete with other visitors jostling for just the right position, cameras and tripods at the ready.

This is where it pays to start early. For a while, I had the whole place all to myself before the hordes began to arrive.

Then I was off for brunch.

Getting there:

To go to Cheung Wang/Cheung Wang: Take KMB 248M from Tsing Yi MTR station

To return from south entrance of the natural trail: Take GMB minibus 308M at Ching Wah Court stop to Tsing Yi MTR station

Time: About 1.5 hours

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on May 14.

Translation by Darlie Yiu

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