18 June 2018
Elaine Choi says she is not a troublesome customer but just wants reasonable compensation. Photo: Elaine Choi
Elaine Choi says she is not a troublesome customer but just wants reasonable compensation. Photo: Elaine Choi

Photography firm sued for out-of-focus wedding pictures

A Hong Kong woman has filed a lawsuit against a photography firm, which she says messed up her wedding photos three years ago.

Elaine Choi, who is a teacher, is unhappy with the wedding photos taken by Cool Wedding Ltd., which charged her HK$41,000 (US$5,284) for a photo-taking tour to the mainland, Apple Daily reported.

In 2013, Choi and her husband were persuaded during a wedding exhibition to buy the company’s photo-taking package.

The promotion used the gimmick that, on top of the cost of the tour itself, the couple would need to pay only an “extra HK$1 to get all the photos”.

The package, originally priced at HK$16,000, included a tour to Jiuzhaigou (九寨溝) in Sichuan Province.

However, the total bill eventually came to HK$41,000 after crew expenses were included, the report said.

Also, the couple received only 174 photos out of the 600 photos taken.

Many of the photos were of poor quality, as they were either out of focus, overexposed or with too much light reflected from a lake.

When they complained to Ronnie Chow, a former director of the company, they were asked to pay an extra HK$3,800 for photo editing.

As Chow refused to compensate them for the fiasco, they filed a case with the Small Claims Tribunal, which ordered Cool Wedding Ltd. to give the couple compensation of HK$62,000.

The firm has not yet paid the sum, which has now risen to HK$86,000 with legal fees.

Choi filed a lawsuit against the firm, but Chow did not show up in the District Court for a hearing on Tuesday, Sing Tao Daily reported. 

The hearing was adjourned until Oct. 4.

Choi said she is not a troublesome customer but only wants reasonable compensation or an apology from the company.

She said she never thought that the issue would be left hanging in the air for three years.

Other customers who had bad experiences with Cool Wedding Ltd., which has branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia and mainland China, recount them on a Facebook page.

Translation by Chloe Chow

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