25 March 2019
Chan Fuk-hing  said she is overwhelmed by the show of support from customers, friends and complete strangers. Photo:
Chan Fuk-hing said she is overwhelmed by the show of support from customers, friends and complete strangers. Photo:

Kindness for ‘Sleeping Granny’ after robbers strike again

Evil lurks in the mean streets of Hong Kong, but there is also kindness to dispel the darkness of the human heart.

Do you remember Chan Fuk-hing of Mong Kok?

Last September, the 74-year-old newspaper vendor lost HK$35,000 to unidentified thieves as she was taking a nap at her stall on Reclamation Street.

After learning of the incident, her customers came and bought all her newspapers as a way of donating money to help her recoup her earnings.

That should have been a happy ending to a sad story, but it was not to be.

Chan is often seen taking a nap at her stall, which is why customers affectionately call her “Sleeping Granny”. That also made her a sitting target of vicious men.

In the early hours of Saturday, robbers struck again while Chan was dozing off, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Chan woke up, and sensing what was happening, she tried to prevent the men from taking her money.

But the men pushed her and dragged her on the ground, causing her to sustain an injury to the head.

When news about the robbery spread, kind-hearted customers and neighbors flocked to her stall and dropped HK$100 and up to HK$2,000 for a copy of a newspaper as a way to support her.

Over the weekend, Chan recorded sales of about HK$105,700. 

The owner of a herbal tea store near Chan’s stall helped the old lady to deposit the amount in a bank account under her name.

He feared robbers might be encouraged to strike again if she just kept her money at her stall.

Chan, a widow with two daughters and a son, said she wants to continue running the newspaper stall, after inheriting the family business and stall license from her mother.

Chan said she was overwhelmed by the gestures of support and care she received from so many people, some of whom are complete strangers.

Some even offered to help install CCTV cameras to enhance security at the stall.

A certain Miss Lee showed up at the stall on Sunday to help her clean her head wound and replace the old dressing, as Chan refused to go to a hospital for treatment.

A grade three kindergarten student surnamed Tsang donated HK$500, her pocket money for one week.

Wong Choi-yin, 4, came with her parents and brother and gave HK$5,000, the amount of red packet money they have accumulated over the past two years.

Meanwhile, the Social Welfare Department said they are following up on Chan’s case and offering her assistance.

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