21 February 2019
A Tuen Mun court is hearing a case filed against a woman whose Tibetan mastiffs (representational picture, inset) viciously attacked a neighbor. Photos: RTHK, baidu
A Tuen Mun court is hearing a case filed against a woman whose Tibetan mastiffs (representational picture, inset) viciously attacked a neighbor. Photos: RTHK, baidu

Woman charged over Tibetan mastiffs attack pleads not guilty

A 56-year-old lady whose Tibetan mastiffs attacked and severely injured a young woman in Yuen Long in November last year has pleaded not guilty to negligence charges. 

Appearing in a court Thursday, the defendant pleaded not guilty to two charges of failing to control her dogs in public.

The woman, who bears the surname Chui, said she has taken all the necessary safety precautions and fulfilled her duties as a pet owner, Ming Pao Daily News reported.

Chui’s domestic helper, an Indonesian national, meanwhile told the court that it was she, and not her employer, who let the dogs out of the garden of Chui’s house when the attack took place last November.

The court testimony came as Chui was facing charges after her two Tibetan mastiffs mauled a neighbor at Ha Tsuen village on Nov. 11, 2015.

The victim, a 22-year-old woman working with Cathay Pacific Airways, said the dogs attacked her viciously outside her home.

The animals bit her on her left hand and right thigh before she was able to run back into the house, Man Sze-wai said.

Following the attack, Man said she required stitches on five different parts on her face, and also her arms and thighs.

Three of her fingers on her right hand are still numb even after two surgeries, she added. 

Man revealed that she has to make regular visits to orthopaedics, plastic surgery and physiotherapy specialists in the aftermath of the incident.

According to Apple Daily, Man was hospitalized for 13 days after the attack by the Tibetan mastiffs.

In her defense, Chui told the court that she had installed double locks on the dog house and that the walls surrounding her house were two meters tall.

She added that she also took training courses on looking after large dogs, and that she has passed on the knowledge and skills to her domestic helpers who were tasked with looking after the dogs.

Chui insisted she has done everything she could, including posting work guidelines on the outside of the refrigerator and in the room of her two maids in order to remind her helpers.

According to the report, Chui had two maids. One was an Indonesian while the other was from the Philippines.   

The dog owner told the court that the Indonesian maid wanted to commit suicide after the incident but dropped the thought as Chui successfully calmed her down.

The Indonesian helper, a 41-year-old named Juminem, testified in court Thursday as a witness. She admitted to a mistake on her part in relation to the incident.

The maid said she let the dogs play in the garden without checking if the main gate was locked. The dogs slipped out when she went into the house to do some work, she said.

The court hearing will continue on Friday.

Tibetan mastiff attacks leave young lady wounded, traumatized (Nov. 23, 2015)

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