18 November 2018

This is why they’re called Pokemon GO diehards

Fans will be fans.

And in the eyes of Pokemon GO diehards, any object of any shape or size is a monster.

When Kammy Chan spotted something outside her window on a rainy Thursday, fanatics concluded it was Venomoth, the virtual-reality insectoid that packs a lethal sting.

They had fun with it.   

For Chan, however, it was just the right subject to rifle through social media on a dreary day.

It was a real-life giant moth — it was the size of an adult palm — that had come to take shelter from the rain. 

Chan put together a pair of images including that of her left palm to give the insect some point of comparison and even made a video of it before posting it on Facebook.

The post gave some netizens some pause.

One evidently dug into Wikipedia and came up with a name – lyssa zampa, a moth species commonly seen in homes.

A netizen named Gi Chow said these moths fly away if there is no light in the house.

So there.

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