19 February 2019
Lokendra Pariyar (third from right in suit) has received many honors in bodybuilding competitions, both national and international. Photo: Tim I Gurung
Lokendra Pariyar (third from right in suit) has received many honors in bodybuilding competitions, both national and international. Photo: Tim I Gurung

Gurkha’s son finds fulfillment in bodybuilding

Lokendra Pariyar, the son of a former Gurkha from 6th Gurkha Rifles Regiment, was unbelievably weak and thin in his youth.

That was before he visited a gym and became interested in bodybuilding.

He took up bodybuilding in 1998, and after a decade of devotion to the sport, his efforts began to pay off.

He has received many accolades, including being named Mr. HK Nepal in 2008, runner-up in a local competition in 2009 and a gold medalist the following year.

In 2011, he was named overall champion of a national bodybuilding competition in Nepal and first runner-up in an international contest with participants from 30 countries.

Because he is not a Chinese and does not hold a Hong Kong SAR passport, Pariyar couldn’t participate in the Mr. Hong Kong competition.

He once thought that joining the contest held the key to local fame and fortune.

But instead of dwelling on the “what ifs”, Pariyar chose to continue in a journey that has given him much zest for life.

Pariyar has become an international judge in international bodybuilding competitions, the only Nepalese to have earned the distinction.

He also established a bodybuilding foundation in Nepal and Hong Kong in 2013, and became a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, which has chapters in 191 countries and is headquartered in Madrid.

Aside from participating in competitions, he is dedicating most of his time to his team of aspiring bodybuilders from Nepal, whom he is helping train for domestic and international events.

The team has already participated in competitions in Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other parts of Asia.

At the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 2016, which was held in Hong Kong in August, his eight-member delegation was declared the best team of the competition.

His boys are looking forward to reaping more honors in upcoming events such as the 5th Olympic Beach Game in Vietnman, the 70th Men’s World Championship in Spain and Mr. Olympia Amateur Asia.

What was once a hobby has turned into a life-long career for Pariyar.

His achievements should make the Nepalese community in Hong Kong proud. But sadly, few Nepalese in the city have heard of his name.

This is quite understandable. There are around 30,000 Nepalese in Hong Kong, mostly children and grandchildren of Gurkhas who served the territory under the British rule in the early ’60s up to the mid-’90s.

Within this community are around 300 or so organizations that have various interests and affiliations.

These organizations mostly serve simple purposes such as family gatherings, religious celebrations, and other social obligations.

They have nothing much to do with the local or international community. They mostly serve their own interests and hardly mix with other groups.

Besides, bodybuilding is not really everyone’s cup of tea.

But Pariyar does not mind at all.

As long as he is able to indulge in bodybuilding, and help young men explore their talent and skills in the sport, he is happy.

Right now, he is paying 80 percent of the team’s expenses from his own pocket since they don’t have sponsors yet.

But for Pariyar, that’s a small price to pay for being given the privilege to contribute to the community and help young men fulfill their dreams.

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Pariyar feels fortunate for being able to pursue a journey that has given him much zest in life. Photo: Tim I Gurung

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