19 July 2019
Wang Sicong's pet husky doesn't seem impressed by  the latest gifts from its master. Photos: Weibo
Wang Sicong's pet husky doesn't seem impressed by the latest gifts from its master. Photos: Weibo

China’s richest princeling gives dog eight iPhone 7s

Wang Sicong, the son of China’s richest man, is at it again.

On the first day iPhone 7 went on sale, the 28-year-old bachelor bought eight units of Apple’s latest device for his pet husky Wang Keke.

Fans are supposed to ooh and ahh and wish they were the princeling’s pampered pooch to be lavished with such luxury, but really, what’s the point of it all?

We all know that the only son and heir apparent of Wanda Group chairman Wang Jianlin is super-super-rich so why bother to reinforce what the whole China, and probably the entire world, already knows?

Oh well, he’s probably just trying to live up to his flamboyant, devil-may-care image.

What is he obscenely wealthy for if he cannot indulge in such excesses?

After all, it’s been more than a year since Wang Sicong bought his dog two gold Apple Watches, one for each front leg, costing about 250,000 yuan (US$37,500) in all.

And so splashed on the dog’s own social media account on Weibo (“Wang Keke is a bitch”) are pictures of the pet hugged by the loving master and looking bored and ridiculous amid eight boxes of the latest iPhone iteration.

Since the dog’s iPhone 7 photo series came out last Friday, it has attracted nearly 1.9 million followers.

Don’t blame Keke if it doesn’t appear impressed by its owner’s over-the-top display of affection.

(We’ve been told that the all-black iPhone 7 Plus fetches a price of over HK$20,000 in the grey market because of the acute shortage of the model.)

It’s just that the dog has grown accustomed to such opulence.

And so after having been spoiled by a Hermes dog leash, a Fendi handbag and its own Lamborghini, all Keke can give to the indulgent master is an “I don’t really care” facial expression.

Most netizens, too, are not impressed with the photos of the dog’s latest possessions.

“What’s the point of showing off these things to his friends?” one wonders.

Others, instead of being cheered, were drawn into self-pity. Says one: “Since I started following Keke, I have realized that my situation in life is much worse than a dog’s.”

For the record, Wang Sicong, a graduate of the University of London, major in philosophy, is already worth 3.74 billion yuan.

Much like his father, who has a net worth of over 200 billion yuan, the son most probably believes that he can be capricious because he can afford it.

Wang Jianlin once said entrepreneurs could start out with a small ambition such as making 100 million yuan.

Which is probably his way of saying that those who are intent on getting rich must think big – and he means really big.

Not to be outdone, Wang Sicong recently told his friends that he doesn’t choose his friends based on their net worth.

After all, he said, none of his friends can be richer than he is.

Not too many people can stand his arrogance, not even state-owned Xinhua news agency, which ridiculed him for his “shameless” remarks that in choosing a wife, he would only consider those with big breasts.

Little wonder that the playboy, who is known to switch girlfriends as fast as he changes his sportscars, is not a very popular figure in China. 

He seems to serve as a negative example of what second-generation rich kids should try to avoid.

Other than showing off his fortune, there is really very little achievement of note that one can associate with Wang Sicong.

And so he resorts to giving the latest iPhones to his dog, which is as ironic, if ridiculous, as the news of a man biting a dog.

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