19 July 2019
A Shatin court handed a jail term to a mainland woman who had been accused of attacking a Hong Kong lady at an MTR station. Photos: HKEJ, RTHK
A Shatin court handed a jail term to a mainland woman who had been accused of attacking a Hong Kong lady at an MTR station. Photos: HKEJ, RTHK

Mainland woman jailed for assaulting 54-year-old HK resident

A mainland woman has been sentenced to jail for five months and one week by a Hong Kong court Monday for assaulting a 54-year-old Hong Kong lady at an MTR train station earlier this year. 

The defendant, surnamed Huang, was convicted on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm and assault and handed the punishment. 

But the woman, who is 27 years in age and is now pregnant, rejected the ruling by the Sha Tin Magistrates’ Court and said she intends to lodge an appeal.

Huang applied for bail pending the appeal, but the request was denied by Principal Magistrate Andrew Ma, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Huang was in the dock after a Hong Kong resident surnamed Lam accused the mainlander of attacking her and her daughter at the MTR Sha Tin station four months ago.

The court heard earlier that the defendant was visiting Hong Kong with her husband and daughter when the attack took place on May 9.

The incident began as the mainlanders had an altercation with Lam’s family at a toy store in New Town Plaza.

Lam said her two-year-old grandson was hit by Huang’s daughter, leading to angry exchange of words between the two sides. 

Moments later, the two families ran into each other at the MTR Sha Tin Station, where Huang allegedly charged at Lam and pushed her to the ground.

Lam said she had to undergo hospitalization following the attack and that doctors had determined that she might have suffered a stroke which impaired her speech and affected her limb movements.

Huang said she became angry as she saw Lam’s daughter filming her on her mobile phone. But she denied the assault charges.

But a judge overruled the claims and pronounced a guilty verdict.

While Huang claimed that she acted merely to protect her interests as she was alarmed at being filmed, Magistrate Ma dismissed her testimony as being inconsistent.

Security camera footage from the MTR station does not corroborate Huang’s claims, he said. 

Testimony from the prosecution’s witnesses was consistent and admissible, while that from the defendant was contradictory, Ma said.

The judge also noted that Lam may have to suffer for a long period of time due to the after-effects of the attack.

Lam claimed that she was pushed to the ground, causing her to bump her head against the floor.

As he prepared for sentencing, the defendant’s lawyer pleaded for leniency, saying that Huang had remained in Hong Kong since she was charged and that she now wants to return to the mainland to deliver her baby.

But the judge ordered the defendant to start serving the sentence immediately.

Noting that the case has drawn public attention, Ma pointed out that it is just a dispute between two families and that it should not be blown up into a conflict between Hong Kong people and mainlanders.

Mainland woman denies assault in case involving stroke victim (Aug. 24, 2016)

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