24 July 2019
Police are looking into complaints of indecent behavior by some teenage boys at MTR's HKU Station. Photo: Wikipedia
Police are looking into complaints of indecent behavior by some teenage boys at MTR's HKU Station. Photo: Wikipedia

Schoolgirls report lewd behavior by male teens at HKU Station

The police have received reports of at least two cases of teenage boys indulging in voyeurism or indecent assault against schoolgirls at MTR Corporation’s HKU Station in the past week.

On Thursday, a 14-year-old girl who attends an international school complained that she received unwanted attention at the rail station from a boy who appeared to be aged between 14 and 16.

In the incident that took place at around 4 pm on September 15, the boy first touched her shoulder and asked for directions, according to the schoolgirl.

When he realized that she did not understand Cantonese, the boy proceeded to touch her right thigh, reports.

The girl was shocked but was unable to react quickly, which prompted the teenager to attempt to touch her again.

The girl then grabbed his hand and began questioning him, after which the boy fled the scene.

According to the schoolgirl’s description, the boy was thin and about 165cm in height. He was said to be wearing a long-sleeved white shirt with a tie and black trousers at the time of the incident.

Police are treating the case as one of sexual assault.

Meanwhile, another girl also came forward Thursday to report the suspicious behavior of a teenage boy at the same MTR station. 

This girl, who is aged 11 and from the same school as the first complainant, said she had been waiting for a train when a young male suddenly knelt down and tried to sneak a peek up her dress.

She immediately pulled back, sending a message to the boy that she was aware of his tricks. The boy then walked away hurriedly. 

The girl described the male teen as being around 15 to 17 years in age. But the height description exactly matched that of the suspect in the other case involving her schoolmate.

According to Apple Daily, the two girls reported the incidents only after learning of each other’s unpleasant experience. 

Going by the descriptions given by the schoolgirls, police do not rule out the possibility that the perpetrator in both the cases was the same person.

The case is now being handled by Western Division police.

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