21 April 2019
Jeju Island has seen another case of ugly behavior by people coming from mainland China. Photo: YouTube
Jeju Island has seen another case of ugly behavior by people coming from mainland China. Photo: YouTube

Chinese youth arrested in Jeju for assaulting restaurant worker

Three Chinese youth were arrested in South Korea after they assaulted a restaurant worker on Jeju Island last Tuesday.

The three were part of a group of four students that got into a loud argument after being asked to leave as the restaurant was about to close for the night, according to South Korean media.

In the incident that happened at about 4 am, the young men were told by a restaurant employee that it was closing time and that they should settle their bill and leave.

But the students refused to leave and instead asked for more alcoholic drinks.

The Chinese youth apparently told the restaurant worker that it’s okay for them to stay for some more time due to the time gap between China and South Korea.  

But the restaurant employee rejected the demand, prompting the students to fly into a rage.

Three of the students began threatening the worker and threw water bottles at him, Korea Times reports.

“Are you ignoring us because we’re Chinese?” a student shouted in Korean, before he and his friends pushed the restaurant worker into a corner and started roughing him up.

The police arrived soon after the assault which was captured by a security camera on the premises.

Two of the Chinese youth were arrested on the spot, while the other person who participated in the assault was sent to a hospital after he claimed that he suffered some injuries.

A restaurant employee told the police that the students were angry right from the beginning as the restaurant had failed to serve them the food they ordered.

The restaurant couldn’t serve the dishes the Chinese wanted as it was out of some ingredients.

The dispute over drinks and closing time followed later, leading to the brawl and subsequent arrests.

It was not the first time that Chinese have been arrested over assaults on locals in Jeju Island, noted.

In September, eight mainland tourists were arrested for beating up a restaurant owner in Jeju. The attack took place after the visitors were barred from drinking alcohol they brought in from outside.

As Jeju began granting visa-free access for Chinese citizens in 2008, the island has seen a surge in the number of mainland tourists.

According to some figures, 2.16 million out of 2.5 million foreign tourists who visited the popular resort destination during the first eight months of this year were from China.

However, the surge in Chinese tourists has resulted in more crimes in the place. Last year, the number of police cases in Jeju involving the Chinese amounted to 260, up from 134 in 2013, according to reports.

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